Brilliant Code for Delphi
for free
official from BitmapSoft
BrilliantCode for Delphi
Because this project was stopped in 2019, the program became free.
What is Brilliantcode for Delphi?
Brilliant Code is a set of tools that lets you write code and read it in Delphi quickly and comfortably.
Enhanced code highlighting gives you a better perceiving of code.
Automatically finds and paints constants, methods, types, variables, strings and comments into the colours chosen by user. And do it very fast.

Colouring already occurs during a code writing
Highlighting blocks
Highlighting of blocks begin...end, try...finally...end and etc.

Highlighting of brackets (..) and [..]
And some other features
Auto-appending of code

Fast search text

and etc.
for any question about BrilliantCode you can write to e-mail:
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